Past Dates

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

Union Square NYC
4:00 PM
Price: Free

We'll join Jefferson Thomas and Matthew Foster More for an afternoon show outside in Union Square park, NYC.

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Sidewalk Cafe
94 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009
Price: Free!

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

Goodbye Blue Monday
1087 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11221
(718) 453-6343

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Bucket of Blood in Harlem - 10pm
Price: Free!

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

Shrine Blowout! - 9:00
Price: Free

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

Sidewalk Cafe - 8:00
Price: Free

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

The Lennox - 11pm
Price: Free!